New Heavens Road Catholic UK TV Channel Launch

The New Heavens Road Catholic UK TV Channel will launch on Saturday 3rd September 2016.

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It will start with a twelve hour Online-TV Celebration of the Life and Legacy of Mother Teresa
This is an all-day online-TV celebration of the life of Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta on the day before her canonisation.

If you have a special memory of Mother Teresa which you would like to share, please get in touch as soon as possible.
If you’re a poet, song-writer, choir member or musician we’d love to hear from you also.
Our cameras will be in over 10 different Catholic Cathedrals and Parish locations throughout the UK and Eire.
The day will be filled with 3 Masses, choirs, and guests all focusing on the life and legacy of Mother Teresa.
Bishops, Priests and special guests who met Mother Teresa will be inviting us to share these very special memories.
Join us any time during the day to watch the events on-line.

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