Baptism and Baptismal Preparation


Parents are invited to attend Baptism Preparation either before or after the birth of their baby.

Baptism Preparation will take place in the R.E. Centre, Dorset Road at 12.15 pm on the dates below and will last for approximately 45 minutes.

Parents will receive a welcome pack, and we will have some discussion about the sacrament itself, the symbols of Baptism and ‘who are godparents?’

We will be looking at the making of a Christian home, our schools and nurseries, and have a walk through the ceremony itself, in the church.

Baptisms always take place on Sunday, after the 11.00am Mass, starting at 12.30pm, on certain Sundays throughout the year.

At the 11.00am Mass on the Sunday before the Baptism, Canon David will Anoint the baby in preparation for the Baptism.

The current schedule is shown below.

Please book in with Isobel on 01753 865163

or by email

Dates for Baptism Preparation

Sunday 27th August – for September Baptisms

Sunday 1st October – for October Baptisms

 Sunday 5th November – for Baptisms up until 3rd December

Sundays for Anointing and Baptisms

Sunday 3rd September—Anointing

Sunday 10th September—Baptism

Sunday 17th September-Anointing

Sunday 24th September-Baptism

Sunday 8th October-Anointing

Sunday 15th October- Baptism

Sunday 22nd October-Anointing

Sunday 29th October-Baptism

Sunday 12th November-Anointing

Sunday 19th November-Baptism

Sunday 26th November-Anointing

Sunday 3rd December-Baptism