I hope that this website might extend a welcome and assurance that here is a place that you will be given a dignity and a hospitality. Perhaps you are looking for a time of Mass or the possibility of booking a baptism or a wedding. You may be new to the area and thinking of joining this community of faith. Whatever the reason I hope and pray that your needs are met and that we will be able to help you in your search.

Canon David Hopgood


Our Zoom Mass will now change to be celebrated on a Saturday evening at 6pm.  Doors open will be at 5.30pm – to avoid the rush of people at 5.55.
The move of day is because of the difficulty that so many have experienced in getting in over the last two weeks. Apparently Sunday morning Zoom is at top capacity – hence the difficulty we have had! The Password and ID will be the same as before.

If this is your first visit, you will need to email  canondavid@catholicwindsor.org to obtain the ID and Password. (for security reasons this cannot be given out on the website).


Each Wednesday there will also be a Zoom Mass at 1800. Same ID and password as Sunday.
Let us try to stay connected to our parish and Eucharist.


Some months ago, I established a leadership team in the parish to assist me in the day-to-day running of parish activity, as well as planning for the long-term vision of the parish. Although I established this group in some form of trepidation (as it was new), I have found our meetings to be extremely helpful – it is good to bounce ideas on a small group of people so that hopefully I can come to good decisions. We started meeting every two weeks, but since lockdown we have been meeting every Friday morning via zoom. Now each member of the leadership team has been allocated various groups and activities in the parish, not to oversee or interfere! But rather to be a point of contact and good communication. This I believe will build up the unity of the parish so that we are all in our various activities, groups, or indeed as individuals, trying to live out the vision statement for the parish that I offered you some months ago. Soon on the website you will see pictures of those who are on the leadership team. That ministry is one of service. They have certainly been of service to me and I am sure will be to our parish community.
In the long term we hope to establish a process whereas a parish we can come together and plan a mission statement – so that everything we do in the future will be with the aim of fulfilling this mission statement. I believe this will give us a real sense of purpose and energy in our parish community.
I realize that this is long term, and we have many months perhaps before we can gather together as a large group, but we always need to look to the future with hope and confidence. Today being the feast of Pentecost reminds me of the need to allow the Spirit of God to guide and inspire us together

Canon David Hopgood


There are lots of Churches in UK and Ireland that stream live Masses. This  website gives a schedule of live services running from early morning to late evening of each day. 

The various daily prayers and Masses from Walsingham are highly recommended

Click here for link  http://www.churchservices.tv/timetable



That we deepen our relationship with Christ and the Church through prayer and Sunday Mass, that we provide opportunities to deepen our faith and unity and so by using our gifts and talents, reach out in welcome and hospitality to others.

Mass Readings Explained – using Zoom

Alicia Coker has set up two sessions for us to stay connected and to share the weekly videos which can help us understand the Sunday Scripture. These sessions take place on: Friday 1930-2030 and Sunday 1200-1300. If you would like to join you will need to contact Alicia by email and she will give you the password that you will need to enter into the meeting. This is a wonderful way that we can stay connected as a parish community –Email: alicia_coker@live.co.uk

Reflecting on the Acts – using Zoom 

Sarah, Rosemary, Hazel & Sr Patricia invite you to join a 1-hour weekly reflection on the Acts of the Apostles via Zoom. 1st meeting: Wednesday 22 April 13.30 – 14.30. For details email: – sarah.gardnerlobo@gmail.com

For those unable to connect to zoom information can be emailed.

Normal Mass Times and Reconciliation

Weekend Masses are always on Saturday at 6pm at St Edward’s, and on Sunday at St Marks at 9.30am and St Edward’s at 11am.

Daily Masses are normally celebrated at St Edwards at 10.00am on Monday and  Wednesday and 12noon on Friday, and at St Marks at 10.00am on Tuesdays and Thursdays, however these times and venues may vary from week to week due to Funerals, Holy Days, etc., particularly during Lent.

Please check this week’s newsletter for week to week variations (see NEWSLETTERS above).

Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament takes place every Friday at St Edward’s from 10am – 8pm.


The sacrament of Reconciliation is available every Saturday at St Edwards between 11.00am and 12.00noon and again after the Saturday 6.00pm evening Mass

New Parishioners

Welcome to any new parishioners. Please make yourself known to Canon David after Mass or contact the Parish Office. Also please complete the forms that are normally available at the back of church.

These forms ask for your name and address and phone/email, as well as names and ages of children under 16. This information is kept confidential to the parish.

Parish Handbook Download the parish handbook below.

To read the handbook you need the Acrobat PDF Reader, which can be downloaded from here.

How to find us

St Edwards
44 Alma Road, Windsor, Berkshire, SL4 3HJ
St Marks
Dedworth Road, Windsor, Berkshire, SL4 4JS

Get in Touch

For information about Weddings bookings, Baptism booking, and 1st communion bookings please refer to the appropriate section in “Sacramental Services” (see section headings above) or phone on 01753 865163.