I hope that this website might extend a welcome and assurance that here is a place that you will be given a dignity and a hospitality. Perhaps you are looking for a time of Mass or the possibility of booking a baptism or a wedding. You may be new to the area and thinking of joining this community of faith. Whatever the reason I hope and pray that your needs are met and that we will be able to help you in your search.

Canon David Hopgood



That we deepen our relationship with Christ and the Church through prayer and Sunday Mass, that we provide opportunities to deepen our faith and unity and so by using our gifts and talents, reach out in welcome and hospitality to others.


All Masses from St Edward’s Church are live streamed on YouTube. The Camera will be switched on from approximately 15 minutes before each Mass .

Mass times at St Edwards Church     

Saturday     18.00

Sunday        11.00

Tuesday       18.30

Wednesday 10.00

Thursday      10.00

Friday           12.00

Mass times at St Marks Church

Sunday 9.30

These weekday times may change due to unforeseen circumstances, such as funerals or weddings, so please consult the weekly newsletter for details.


Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time – 29 January 2023  

This week’s readings encapsulate some of the great promises of Christ.  St Paul, writing to the Corinthians, may appear to emphasise contradictions and disadvantages because the followers of Christ were, ‘by human reckoning’, not the rich and famous, strong, or wise, rather the weak, the foolish and the insignificant.  At a first glance they seem to have nothing about which they could boast.  Paul turns this on its head; he tells his audience that by becoming part of Christ Jesus (having a personal relationship with Jesus) and being part of His Body, The Church, they gain the qualities of wisdom, virtue, holiness, and freedom.  Contrary to first impressions, they therefore do indeed have something about which they can boast; by living in Christ, they can rise and live in ways that society – then and now – might think impossible.

Jesus’s own words in the Gospel – ‘the Beatitudes’ – also emphasise attributes that often go against the trends in our complicated world.  Gentleness, peacefulness, mercy; these are strengths in Jesus’s teaching, aspects of God’s love and promises and each one of us is called to try to model our lives on these qualities.  We hear Jesus speaking about ‘they or those’ but, why not look at these words through a personal lens. Try reading the text again during the week and replace ‘Happy are those … they shall’ with ‘If you … you shall’, or perhaps even more powerfully, ‘If I am … I shall.’  Very quickly and clearly, we see not only a way of living but also the promises of Jesus, and the blueprint of God’s love; comfort in mourning, a way to see God and perhaps most profoundly how to be called ‘a child of God’

Stephen Patterson


Royal Visit to Windsor Foodshare this morning! (a message from WCA Chair)

I wanted to let you all know before you read it online and/or saw it on the news, that the Prince and Princess of Wales have been visiting Windsor Foodshare on Thursday 26 January.! 
I had very much hoped to be able to tell you much sooner, but Kensington Palace and the Police asked us specifically on security grounds not to pass the information beyond a very small group. 
There will be accredited press and TV present, but Kensington Palace in their own announcement (see below) placed a general embargo, which has just been lifted. 
We are sure that the visit will be a huge benefit to Foodshare and also to WCA. Let’s hope! Although it was initially intended that the Prince and Princess would have contact with our clients, ultimately it was felt that this was not feasible – not only for security reasons, but also in order to maintain confidentiality for our clients. 
You will appreciate that the whole event has involved a lot of planning and meetings, and we are very grateful to Rev Matthew Scott and Sandy at DGBC, as well as Sarah Kember, for all their work to make it happen. We are also very grateful that Sarah Howard, who will be attending to give our royal guests a history of Windsor Foodshare. 
Good news!
Best wishes
Geoff Hudson



The Consultation Responses from St Edwards & St Marks Parish to the Diocese Ten Year Plan are now available and can be accessed via the link under Parish Links above.

Also Click Here to view the Document  ten year plan-22-12-03



The Parish Hall and St Brigid’s Room are now available to host Parish Functions. Please complete the attached Form and return to the Parish Office. Click here for Booking Form – Parish Centre Booking Request Master-23-01-08

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“Prayer.” When you see that word, what thoughts or images come to mind? Does talking to God come easy to you? Or do you struggle to pray?  Knowing what to say to God doesn’t always feel easy, and sometimes, prayer gets weighed down by our misconceptions about what a conversation with God should look like. Canon David has offered the following  short document containing advice and help when praying to God.

Click here for  How to Pray-21-04-09


Download the parish handbook below.

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Welcome to any new parishioners. Please make yourself known to Canon David after Mass or contact the Parish Office and complete the attached Registration Form and email back to the Parish office at parishoffice@catholicwindsor.org

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Standing Order: If you wish to donate your collection by standing order, please click here for the Standing Order Form; Standing Order form-20-08-15 . Please print out the form and complete by hand. Please send signed form to the Parish Office or hand to Canon David after mass.

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For information about Weddings bookings, Baptism booking, and 1st communion bookings please refer to the appropriate section in “Sacramental Services” (see section headings above) or phone the Parish Office on 01753 865163.