Windsor Conference

You are invited to join the SVP. The Society was founded in 1833 by Frédéric Ozanam in France and took off in England about ten years later. It has various “Conferences” all over the county and many links abroad, particularly in India, Romania, Sudan, the rest of Europe, particularly in France.

We try and combat the poverty of loneliness and isolation prevalent among the elderly, particularly in this day and age when many families have moved great distances from their parents. Spending and hour or so chatting with someone, taking them shopping (or doing their shopping for them), getting them to the clinic, doctor’s or dentist’s, are often ways we can help.

We meet roughly every two to three weeks, usually in St Edward’s RE Centre, and we are also blessed to have Sister Patricia as our Spiritual Director who gives us plenty of food for thought at these meetings.

For several years we have put on a Christmas Day Lunch for people who would otherwise be on their own on Christmas Day, and we will be asking for volunteers to help next Christmas in due course

We also take some of our wheelchair beneficiaries to the Savill Garden in the summer but we do need help to push the wheelchairs – any volunteers would be very welcome!

Please consider whether you could offer some time and effort to be part of this group – contact Barry Thompson (President), e-mail: jetbar@live.couk, telephone: 07547 514 467.

Time, Talent and Treasures: SVP