First Holy Communion

First Holy Communion Programme – 2022

For those families wishing to enrol their children (who are in year 3 or above) we shall be having a threefold programme, as follows:-

Step 1: ‘ Come and See’  ( John1: 39-41)

For 8 weekends from the 12th December to the end of January. The candidate is required to attend at least 6 weekend Masses with Family members.

Step 2: ‘They sat at the feet of Jesus’  (Luke 10:38-42)

The Saturday morning sessions start at the beginning of February where the candidates will prepare with their parents for First Reconciliation and Holy Communion.

Step 3: ‘Jesus Sent them Out’  (Luke 10:1)

The Holy Communion Mass will be followed by an invitation to do something for the community and will be introduced to the Mini Vinnies in the parish (Junior SVP).

To enrol in step 1 please fill in an application form that can be found below.

The introduction and the unfolding of the programme will be on Thursday 9th December at 18:30 in the parish centre.

At this meeting of parents, you will receive the ‘ record card’ that need to be stamped when you attend mass. Further dates will be given at this meeting.

To apply for registration please download the application form that you will find below.   Please fill this in online and email to

2022 Electronic Application Form for FIRST HOLY COMMUNION