What Is the Catenian Association

The Catenian Association is for like-minded Catholic men who meet together for mutual friendship.
The Association was founded in Manchester in 1908 and today has approximately 11,500 members in 350 local Circles.
The majority of Circles are in Great Britain, but there are now some forty  in Ireland, Channel Islands,  Isle of Man, Malta, Africa, Australia, India, Goa and Hong Kong.
The Association is non-political.
Each Circle normally supports a local Charity of the President’s choice.
Circles usually have 20 to 50 members and they meet formally once a month.
There are also regular social meetings which include the wives and families of members.

The Windsor Catenians

Windsor Circle, which was formed in 1984, currently has 22 members drawn from various parishes in the area.
It meets at 7.15 for 7.30pm on the second Monday of each month at St Edward’s Parish Centre.
This consists of a short meeting (usually about 30 minutes) followed by a dinner.

Membership Eligibility and Costs of Membership

Catenians must be members of the Catholic Church.
Men of all ages, whether retired or working are equally welcome.
Catenians are asked to attend the monthly meetings and social functions whenever possible.
They also support, particularly through pray, fellow Catenians and their families at times of sickness or bereavement.
The annual subscription is currently £115.
This covers local and national administrative costs, the Association’s monthly magazine and a local monthly newsletter.
The Circle aims to break even financially, so the cost of Circle Dinners and social events normally balance the costs incurred.
Dinners are usually in the £17 to £20 range and social events £5 to £10. Costs of specific events
(e.g. theatre visits) will obviously depend on the cost of tickets.

A Typical Annual Windsor Programme

In addition to the monthly Circle meeting and dinner, there are a range of other activities, including:
• Ladies’ nights, held quarterly, when wives, widows and friends join us for dinner.
• Clergy evenings, usually a ladies evening, when we invite priests and nuns from the local community.
• Social events for wives and families normally held each month.
• These vary from President’s Sunday with families joining us for Mass and lunch,
to parties at the homes of members.
• Theatre visits, Restaurants, Musical Evenings or specific outings (e.g. Bletchley Park, Greenwich)

The Advantages of Membership

• Meeting other Catholics men with similar values in a friendly atmosphere
• Providing you and your family with friendship and social activity within a Catholic environment.
• Becoming part of a community offering life-long support and friendship.
• The well-being of members and their families, particularly support for widows of deceased members, is of prime importance.
• Membership of Windsor Circle gives access to all Circles in the Association.
• Many members regularly visit other local Circles and if you move you have immediate access to the local Catholic community.

If you would like more information about the Association, please contact:
Mike Wyld (01753 867049)

Kevin McLoughlin (01753 840351)
Hugh Salter (01753 860034)
Don Alphonso (01753 852191)

More information can be obtained from the Association’s website: