The U.C.M. (Union of Catholic Mothers), a national organisation some ninety two years old, was started in Windsor, some forty four years ago in the time of Reverend William Kirk (P.P. 1957 – ), after a meeting on 2nd December 1964.

Foundation of St Edward’s and St Mark’s Windsor Membership of U.C.M. is open to all Catholic married ladies, all single Catholic ladies, non Catholic wives of Catholic gentlemen and virtually any lady who is willing to uphold its principles. Subscription is £10 annually.

Aims and Objectives:

To help Catholic married women to appreciate the sacramental character, responsibilities, and permanence of marriage, and to live in unselfish love observing the laws of God and Church.

To assist them to bring up their children as practising Catholics and public spirited citizens.

To teach and defend Christian values in family life, and to ensure for their children, Catholic education.

To offer love, sympathy and practical help to the family in difficulty.

To foster vocations to Life especially in Christian marriage and family life and in the Priesthood and Religious Life.


Meetings take place on alternate Tuesdays and are advertised in the church Newsletter, a copy of which is posted on St Mark’s Church door. The venue is St Mark’s Church Hall unless otherwise indicated.

A committee, comprising, President, Secretary, Treasurer, Welfare Officers and several other members meet several times a year to decide a programme for meetings and to discuss other events to be held in the Deanery/Diocese.

Meetings are serious, spiritual, light-hearted-often engaging a speaker.

Fund raising supports causes such as;
H.C.P.T. (Handicapped Children’s Pilgrimage Trust)
The Hospice
K.S.C. (Knights of St. Columba)
Walsingham Association

Money is raised through jumble sales and through raffles and sales table at meetings.

An annual Mass is arranged for the sick and housebound, with light refreshment to follow, usually around the feast of St. Edward in October.
Lenten and Advent celebrations are arranged at the appropriate times.
A few members make the journey to Walsingham for the annual U.C.M. National Pilgrimage on the first Tuesday in July.
Prayer is very important to members. Special prayers are recited at every meeting. For those who would like to be present, but cannot, there is the Circle of Prayer for which a card is available, so that one can join in at home.

The foundation is affiliated to CFH (The Caring Fellowship) by representation.

Occasional Theatre outings are arranged, and four-day trips at home or abroad are sometimes organised.

Members support each other especially in times of need and also celebrate the good times and are often called to be hostesses in the parish.

For more information contact the Secretary, Fran, at Tel 01753 867425