Mass Readings Explained

Mass Readings Explained.

The group aim is to understand and discuss the Mass Readings for the following Sunday. Meetings are based on the writings of Dr Brad Pitre

While some of  our usual attendees have voiced their own appreciation, here are three among thousands received by Dr Pitre

1) “My appreciation of the gospels has blossomed with these videos.

2) “The weekly explanations of the Sunday Mass Readings have thoroughly enriched me”,

3) a comment made by a Priest “This, in my opinion is exactly what we as priests and faithful need to prepare ourselves spiritually to truly digest the Word of God that will be given to us at the Eucharist of the coming Sunday”

We meet at St Edwards Parish Centre, weekly, every Thursday from 12:45 for the session to run from 1pm to 3pm.

For more information please contact Mohan or Maureen Chandramohan, 07517453338 or