Lost Touch: Have you been away for a while


It can take great courage for someone who has not attended Church for some time to take that first step back.  Our parish KIT (Keeping in Touch) group invites Non Churchgoing Catholics to a series of lay led small group meetings to help them re-connect with the Church they left.  The meetings take place in a relaxed, welcoming and non-judgemental atmosphere and offers Returners/Enquirers the opportunity to ask questions, deal with difficulties, listen to the experience of others, and take a fresh look at their faith again without any pressure.  Contact Valerie and Paul on keepingintouch@btinternet.com or telephone the parish office for more information.  Your enquiry is very welcome.


The KIT Prayer


I offer you my seeking; show me the way.
I offer you my doubts; lead me to trust in you.
I offer you my hurts; heal me.
I offer you my fears; give me hope.
I offer you my loneliness; welcome me.
I offer you my mind; grant me understanding.
I offer you my heart; warm me with love.
I offer you my journey;
lead me home where I can live in
your justice, peace and love.

More information can be obtained from the Keeping In Touch website:
www.kit4catholics.org.uk&frm=scr&’ type=’text/javascript’>