The Parish Week

The Parish Week  

Saturday June 10th 1200 –  St Edward’s

Mass of the anointing for the sick.

Sunday June 11th –  St Edward’s + St Mark’s

Displays after both morning Masses of our parish groups and organizations- you may wish to join.

Monday June 12th 1800 –   St Edward’s

St Edwards First School gathering with year 4 (top year) to celebrate

being ambassadors for the school and parish.

Thursday June 15th 1930 –   St Mark’s

Bishop Crispian comes to give a talk on: The Joy of the Gospel – Pope Francis’ vision for the Church.

Friday June 16th –   St Edward’s

Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament from 10am – 12 Midnight

Saturday June 17th –   St Edward’s

1800 Celebration Mass with Confirmation Candidates led by the youth group.

1900  Parish supper for the whole parish.

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